Hello, I'm William Reif

Junior Software Developer



Group client project made in React.

React, API, Authorisation/Authentication

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The Pink Panther List

To do list build in React using Google Authentication and Firestore database

React, Database, Authorisation/Authentication

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Movie databese

Movie database build in React calling external API styled using Bootstrap

React, API, Bootstrap

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Morse code game

Simple morse code translator and game based on it. Next step will be adding scoreboard using firestore

HTML, CSS, Javascript

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Hostile aliens

Game bulid based on a concept of Object Oriented Programming


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Hall of faces

Application build using React and calling external API

React, API

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About me


  • Mobile first web-development
  • Unit testing using Jest and Enzyme
  • Firebase: Auth, Database and Hosting
  • TDD
  • Agile practices

Hi! I am junior software developer trained by _nology and devoted to delivering clean, responsive and functional code. I have recently done a career change and challenged myself with 12 week fully immersive front-end software developer course. I am currently open for job opportunities. Find out more

So far I could have described 30 years of my life in many ways. As a professional classical musician. As a husband and father of two lovely boys. As an imigrant who at age of 27 left his home country to start a new, better life in place a thousand miles away. As a professional, who in seven years, changed his career path five times starting from famous concert halls, going through world's famous fast food restaurant (I'm lovin' it) and German discount retailer (Just a Lidl further...). Considering growing apetite of my sons I looked for new, better paid job so I got myself a lorry driving licence and for over a year I've been burning thousands of gallons of fuel causing irreversible damage to our planet. All that time I've been seeking better perspective for my professional future and recently this opportunity has arisen. Becoming _nology student was a first step to fulfill my lifelong dream of creating.